Welcome!  You found our new sexy Valentine’s Day designs from Jennie Greene and Elizabeth Artis of Artis + Greene.  We feature local sustainable product and specialty garden roses in sculptural, playful, and hopelessly flirtatious floral art.  Do a dozen differently… like she (or he) has never seen before!  We are open extended holiday hours to boot!  Here’s a taste of the menu:

  1. Surfa Rosa–  A traditional dozen roses done with a twist… Lots of texture- pussy willow, fragrant stock, seasonal accents, finished with loops of birch, presented in an elegant large tulip glass.  Choose from our local (Oregon or California) sustainable roses, always long stem- hot pink, cotton candy, deep red, or black bacarra.

    Surfa Rosa

    Local sustainable Oregon roses

  2. Park Slope  A rich mix of our local roses angled on hardware cloth and encircled with genestra- a stunning modern look!

    Park Slope

    Local CA sustainable roses

  3. Candy Dish  Compact and delicious, this dozen rose pave is accented with sweet peas and encircled with delicate birch.  Our most popular design is easy to travel!

    Local CA roses with sweet peas, white forsythia, and birch

  4. Love is a ViceWhat can I say, you rough tough creme puff?!!  Yes, a drill press vice holds the most delicate flower…

    Love is a Vice

    Sweet Avalanche roses (CA sustainable) on angle iron held by vice

  5. Marqui Moon–  Crescent shaped nest of garden roses and other seasonal flowers cradled in a curly willow covered metal hoop.  For the classic, design savvy decorator types!

    Marqui Moon

    Crescent of garden roses with seasonals nestled in willow hoop

  6. Staircase- an Asian inspired line of coral roses grown here in Oregon, Moscow from Peterkort Roses.  Each design is unique, following the natural bend of spring branches.


    Local OR sustainably grown coral roses from Peterkort, Hillsboro, OR

  7. Artistically Curved-Our high impact long lasting non-rose design.  Gorgeous Cymbidium sculpture- no two are alike!!  Accented with tulips, calas, and seasonals- and scaffolded with spring branches.
    Artistically curved
    Orchid sculpture with dogwood scaffolding and prunus branches


    Oh, and there is more where THAT came from! If roses aren’t your sweetie’s thing, we have a selection of unique arrangements featuring local spring blooms starting at $49.00. Not satisfied yet? Give us a call and let us custom create a real show stopper!

    Artis + Greene Floral 503.9579567 ~ 708 SW Alder St (@Broadway)